This is both music news and a personal note about someone that passed through my life on his way to G-D.  Music played an integral part in his life.

It is a lesson for those who immerse themselves in hoping for that long-shot for fame, fortune and fan/media adulation.

Chris Hutka, The Bunny & The Bear, died on 9 July, 2021.  He was only 35 years-old.  His father died, even, before he walked into his kindergarten class.  His daughter will also be entering her kindergarten class without her dad.  His mother became his protector.

His life became immersed in a maze when he walked off his high school football field as a hero and stepped onto the alternative music scene club stage.  He, also, lost a close friend along the way.

Music is not a simplistic narrative.  It is a complicated reality drama that plays out on global stages.

Music is not about one genre.  It is a mixed musical cocktail that changes with its audience.

Music is creative.  Song lyrics and music never appeals to everyone.  Music is also generational and its playlists drift in and out of decades, dependent upon its staying power.

The music industry both gives; and takes. 

Chris had an angelic vocal gift.  He was, often, cited by various music media outlets and fans as the reason that The Bunny & Bear became popular within their alternative music element.  His voice lifted their music to a higher level where his natural talent helped create a niche.

This is not a local one spot news blurb.  It is a national news story about a music artist and growing up on a music high note.

Chris was like a son to me.  The highs and lows of his life played amidst his music dreams and the dangerous elements that are the surround sound of the music industry.

Chris was a gentle “Bear”.  He was kind to a fault and tried to please everyone in his life. 

His daughter became the focal point of his life.  They were inseparable.  His son would have become part of their private circle.

Now, his little “Bear Princess” is without her dad protector.  She is his legacy and her life will be a reflection of everything that he aspired for her to become as she grows up.

My husband, Al Abrams, Motown’s Press Officer, and I first met Chris under very unusual circumstances.  It is a music script that rivals any TV or movie scene.  

Chris was the son-in-law who attended Al’s memorial service where Martha Reeves spoke. He sang “My Girl ” (plus) at the MB&W exhibit opening at the Detroit Historical Museum; played an impromptu mini-concert for the children in my neighborhood; and his personalized rendition of Hallelujah at Hanukkah was unforgettable.

Chris was also going to do a special recording for Al in the Fall/2021. It was being composed by an incredible Motown collaboration.

Life is moment to moment … Chris will live on through the legacy of his little “Bear Princess” … her smile, her aspirations and her ability to sing like an angel.

Chris, recently, became a father to a little boy. He will learn about his dad through shared memories.  Chris’s mother will know that her two grandchildren will always be part of her life.  She will be able to see Chris through them. 

May G-d bless all the children in the world who will create their own music life playlist or become a Star that shares their playlist.

Music moves us through our lives.  Play a song and remember a loved one, a friend or a moment in your life.


Here are links to two of Chris’s acoustic album songs:

 Music always plays to its audience.  Music is a global language.