6 March 1944 -
8 February 2021


Lives meld into each other as did mine with Mary through my husband’s close Motown Family relationship with her.  When Al died, Mary and my friendship continued to blossom. 

Road tripping with Mary when I picked her up in Detroit to drive her to Findlay for her concert is a shareable forever story that was a fun and humorous experience.  Unforgettable … Glad we made it to Ohio.

Mary was gracious and warm.  She exuded the kind of self-confidence that evolved from her personal life experience.  She discovered her vocal calling with an unknown Detroit girl group dubbed the Primettes.  Motown’s Berry Gordy took the Primettes, renamed them The Supremes, and with Al as Motown’s Press Officer made this girl group a global music sensation.

Mary and I had spoken and emailed each other about a few Motown relevant ventures.  She will now share her new horizons with G-d holding her hand. I’m sure there will be a few heavenly concerts playing on a cloud stage

I will cherish Mary’s last holiday card to me.  It meant so much that she always remembered me.  She wrote a wonderful forward for Al’s upcoming book to be published, 2021.  Prior to Mary’s leaving Ohio to return home, she took the time to sign a number of posters for Motown Black & White. She also, graciously, donated  gowns, gloves, purses and jewelry to MBW.

The power of friendship and sharing life moments is timeless.  Mary was Al’s friend.  Mary became my friend and I cherish her friendship.

May G-d bless and watch over the family she left behind; her Motown family; and her global fans. 

Tonight, play a Supremes song and remember the three teenage girls that made music history together.