WHAT'S HIS NAME? George Floyd.

"The legacy of one life touches the legacy of another life." Al Abrams, 2015

     The legacy of George Floyd’s life touches the legacy of all our lives.


Global Movements and Music play on world stages and resonate with voices demanding to be heard. Music becomes a Movement’s megaphone.


Humanity is respect for the dignity of all human life.

G-d created the colors of our diversity.

One African-American man’s murder on American soil has set world stages ablaze with a demand for social justice for all people.

His faint cry of “Sir, I can’t breathe” as his life was fading under the knee of a police officer who ignored his cries is being echoed by voices in every country where equality and respect for human life is oppressed.

Brother George Floyd
… his name is the match that has ignited the flames for a civil rights movement that spans the globe.

May the raised voices of our connected world unite in hope for social justice and be heard for the good of humanity.

Let us all take a "BREATH" for the value of every life.