Global Borders Intersect.  Lives Touch.

The World than Reacts to that Touch.


 The coronavirus - COVID-19 is a contagion that infects and kills at-will.

This virus is attacking every country.

It does not distinguish which country flag is waving.

 Defeating this common enemy together will help save humanity for tomorrow.

 May G-d grant the world the courage to unite on the pandemic frontline to defeat our common enemy and to find a life-saving vaccine to share.

 G-D will guide us.  But, it is up to us to win this war together. 


To all those dedicated healthcare individuals engaged in saving lives by risking their own lives; truck drivers; mass transit workers; grocery store clerks and stockers; pharmacy personnel; gas station clerks; warehouse workers; teachers and childcare workers; social workers; restaurant workers; journalists; military men and women; police officers and firefighters; EMS staff; mail carriers and delivery drivers; sanitation workers and every individual working in an occupation that is helping us through this unrelenting coronavirus crisis, including neighbors.


 May G-D keep you safe.

יהי רצון שאלוהים ישמור עליכם.