Planet Earth is neither black nor white. It is not the colors of one country and one flag.

Earth is simply one planet in a universal solar system interconnected by land, air, sea and the unknown.

Earth Day is a global annual event, celebrated on April 22.

Worldwide events are held to create awareness for environmental protection standards.

Earth Day was initially celebrated in 1970 within the United States. Earth Day activities are coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network. Currently, more than 192 countries actively participate in events.

Celebrations, clean-ups and the planting of new greenery helps all people to respect the planet we call Earth.

MB&W views Earth Day as a humanistic coordination for the protection of our solar system. The pollution of one planet pollutes our entire solar system.

Plastic bags are plugging up our oceans and waterways; abandoned buildings are left with hazardous materials; lead paint and mold spores are found in tenement apartments; petro-industry oil spills are caused from equipment failures; chemical weapons are sprayed on people; long range and short range missiles are directed upward only to descend downward desecrating the land our children walk on and the water we drink. Pollution has a cause and effect.

Earth Day simply helps us to become aware of environmental issues. It is only one day.

Each one of us has an obligation to defend Mother Earth from environmental pollution every day.

The gesture to teach protection of our planet has only one requirement … engage people to understand the consequences of inaction in protecting the quality of life on Earth.

MB&W joins the entire universe today through a simple neighborhood block gesture. We provided each child with a recycled kit to grow green. Reward – an edible plant to grow from seed and a silver dollar as incentive to grow green and recycle. Oftentimes, a minor gesture can produce the most prolific response in a child.

Hopefully, our outreach inspires one or more children to learn about our human environmental footprint and what each of our footprints leaves behind.

See an aluminum can in your local park today --- find a bin labeled for recyclables and discard it. Make it your Earth Day.

We never want to envision our planet in black & white. Who wants to view a bleak grey sky every day?

We want the diversity of the color palate that G-d created for us to survive and thrive.

The music of the environment plays every day on a universal stage. Let’s keep Earth’s global gold record spinning.