Al Abrams conversing with the local food critic in the parking lot of the Roostertail, a Motown upscale restaurant & intimate concert venue. (Detroit, MI USA).

MB&W Luvs CatTales.



The dislocation of animals from construction, renovation, catastrophic events, death or relocation of an owner results in displacement.  Oftentimes, cats are euthanized or collected and placed in containers to be sold as food. 

Homelessness is a humanistic tragedy that entraps both feral, free-roaming and domesticated cats.

A street or shelter cat’s hope is to be found, adopted and loved.

So, we encourage you to borrow your neighbor's/girlfriend's/boyfriend's/or your boss’s cat to get to understand feline culture. 

Look under a bush; take a midnight stroll in an alley; dumpster dive; climb a tree; ask a restaurant chef; look under a car or in a car; go on a safari; or simply adopt a shelter cat.  But, give a cat a place to call home. 

Be creative.  Cats are everywhere.

Find one ... Adopt twins ... Give a shout-out to Siri, Alexa or Google to conjure up a cat or map out directions to the nearest cat street corner jam session.

Cats are every color imaginable.  Cats are every shape, size, temperament, personality, indoor or outdoor, in & out the door, feral, independent, creative, tree-huggers, barn dwellers, spirited, hated or loved, revered or nuisance, misplaced, displaced, out-of-place, pampered, street-wise, mischievous, curious, stealth, loyalist, courageous, watcher and seemingly ... everywhere.

Long-hair, short-hair, hairless, thick mane, bushy tail, tail-less, grumpy, lovable, cuddly, protective or diabolical.

A cat's eyes can look deep into a human's soul and discover vulnerabilities.

A cat is the spy we all aspire to be.  James Bond was once a cat.  Or, so Al told us ... right, Bob Dylan?

Cats travel the world.  They are globetrotters.  They move silently, observe patiently and strike swiftly.  Cats search for prey and they are preyed upon.

Cat mythology intrigues us.  Do cats possess nine lives and always land on their paws?  Are black cats magical or do they elicit fear of hexing you with bad luck if they cross your path?

Dirt roads, winding roads, mountain inclines and declines, urban streets, country pastures, narrow alleys and abandoned buildings ... Cats.

Meandering war zones, running on football fields, sunning on window sills, perched on tree limbs, resting on wood piles or carousing neighborhoods at nightfall ... Cats.

‘Cat’ch the Motown heart, soul and spirit of world music simply by listening to music with a feline friend.

 What color is a cat?  We call it ... Motown D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y. 

You can call her HOPE.


 *Thus far, we have received more than 700+ cat photos.  MEOW!