50N (50North)  Findlay, OH USA 

Mission:  Enriching Lives, Supporting Independence


As we grow up and grow into our senior years, we require a place where we can still nurture our minds, strengthen our bodies, deal with our emotional lives and discover friendships.  Community Centers for seniors are reflective of lives finding enrichment through discovery.

50N held its annual Derby Gala fundraiser May 6, 2017.  The starting gate and a run for the roses at the community center had our horse, Motown Gold, competing for a win.   The funds from this event help to defray the annual costs to support the center and its programming. 

Congrats to 50N for a successful 2017 Derby Gala.  See you at the 2018 Winner’s Circle.

Motown Black & White supported the 2017 Derby Gala with a collective array of donated auction items centered on Motown, Music & Detroit.   

The foundation for humanity is found in the essence of every individual who matriculates from  childhood into adulthood.  

To honor and respect senior citizens, kibud zekaynim, is a Jewish sense of loyalty that reminds us to learn from those who have experienced and viewed life through multi-tiered life dimensions.

MB&W advocates for the creation and support of global centers for aging.