The MB&W Collection

The MB&W Collection is a beautiful museum scripted story that engages  audiences of all ages.

It is a visual and interactive journey that melds music and history through its vast holdings of Motown memorabilia and innovative/creative design. 

However, it's the behind the scenes integrated story lines that provide insight into exactly what was going on in America during her struggle to overcome racial inequality.  "The Sound of Young America" helped create a crossover bridge for teenagers to hear the music and dance together.

The MB&W Collection provides a rare inside view of those kids from Detroit that found music and each other within a Black record label that recognized talent, and not skin color.

MB&W begins in 1959; but incorporates Motown's growth into its exhibit.

Motown Stars in Louisville, Kentucky USA

The Muhammad Ali Center is a unique museum that celebrates the humanitarian in each of us. Muhammad Ali grew up amidst an era in the United States where skin color categorized you. Boxing helped him to achieve great things inside and outside the ring.

The teenagers of Motown experienced the same discriminatory colorization, especially when traveling to shows while on the road. Their music and their friendships created a family unit that challenged segregation both on and off the stage.