The Motown Black & White Collection is exceptional in its quality and depth of the statement it presents.  The exhibit holdings includes photographs, records, artifacts, books, newspapers, apparel, jewelry, video, etc.  The exhibit list is extensive.

But, most importantly, MB&W presents a beautifully constructed visual diary of the diverse Hitsville kids who came of age together in a world where they dreamt music and friends; but their country wanted to separate them by color.

Interactive, specialized items and creative mediums are currently being introduced into the exhibit to provide visitors with a chance to participate.

Archivists, preservationists, musicians, historians, curators, students, teachers, photographers,and other inquisitive individuals and groups who wish to view music history and interact with the classic Motown audio and backdrop visuals will be intrigued and mesmerized.

The combination of presenting such an interactive gallery plus educational experience is a win-win for your venue's on-stage visual visitor interaction. 

The Collection, itself, continues to grow through the collaboration and efforts of Motown alumni and worldwide fans. 

Serious inquiry to discuss hosting the MB&W Collection at your venue can be made through our contact page.

The MB&W Collection is always expanding its music horizons to be inclusive.